Mokha Bunn Specialty Coffee Offerings

From the birthplace of coffee, Yemen

We ethically source and distribute sustainable, fully traceable, naturally processed, and organic Yemeni specialty coffee micro-lots. We roast and grind to-order in small batches to guarantee the best quality. Personalized roasting levels and grinding sizes are available on the product page.

Coffees from around the world

Thousands of Kilometers separate Yemen and those origins, but we have managed to shorten this distance and gather new coffee generations with their source in a new coffee production line; Origins





Ethically Sourced and Processed

We always put the farmers and the environment first when we source our green coffee by improving the living conditions of small farmers and making sure they process the coffee with sustainable practices

Specialty Coffee

We work exclusively with specialty coffee-grade. All of our coffees score +84 up-to +90 SCA points out of 100, which makes them some of the best coffees in the world.
Direct and Fair Trade
We work directly with small farmers around different regions in Yemen and always aim for long term business relationships with them by committing to create more sustainable projects and purchase future crops.
Over 800 Years of Coffee Culture
Yemen was the first country in the world to produce and commercialize coffee. To this day, Yemeni coffee farmers have managed to maintain the same varieties/ cultivars of coffee plants that they used to grow when they first introduced coffee to the world. They are unique cultivars that can only be found in Yemen, commonly known as Mokha Coffee.
Mind Blowing Tasting Profiles
Yemeni coffee is like nothing you've had before. It has mind-blowing tasting profiles that guarantee a truly unique coffee experience. Complex, naturally sweet, low or balanced acidity combined with chocolatey and/or fruity notes.
Best Price Guaranteed
Our goal is to reintroduce Yemeni coffee to the world and give everyone access to the finest coffee selection at approachable prices.
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Listen, I have had all of the best rated coffee from around the world ( etc) and let me tell you. Mohka Bunn is the best I have ever had. So smooth and fruity with a lingering aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. And it makes you feel incredible. Highly recommend. Ps I have also shared this coffee with friends and family, the response is always the same. "This is the best coffee I have ever had"

Maverick Bartlett

After spending my youth drinking coffees made by Italian roasters in San Francisco with secret blends and peculiar superstitions about the perfect roast, I discovered Mocha Sanaani at Peet's in Berkeley, California, and for the next 30 years I never looked back. This coffee is distinguished by ripe tannins, what we usually call chocolaty, which makes the acidity harmonize perfectly with the big, earthy body.
I suffered when I arrived in Chile and discovered that the roasting culture here was like that of the Italians in San Francisco - traditional, trapped in cultural ideas that prevented the flexibility to prioritize the final flavor over "the way it's always been done", and full of secrets and lack of information. The resulting coffees were not impressive and, if I'm fair, nothing could replace my beloved Mocha Sanaani in any case.
Mocha Bunn changed my life in Chile. Not only is this the coffee I craved for years, but this roaster is of the highest caliber, constantly adjusting the roast to bring out the notes that favor each batch of coffee. The result is on par with the best cups of coffee I have tasted anywhere in the world.
Without being prejudiced, Mocha Bunn's Mocha Sanaani is the best coffee in the galaxy.

Juan Vera Huneeus

Debo felicitar a todo el equipo de Mokha Bunn por la calidad de su trabajo. El respeto y el amor por el café de Yemen, el mejor de todos, se nota en cada envío y en el resultado en taza. Resaltar, también, que los pedidos a regiones a domicilio han mejorado bastante, en eficiencia y tiempo… eso se agradece una enormidad. Mis más cordiales saludos y cariños.

Claudio Berríos Alvarado

This changes the experience of making and drinking coffee. It’s worth the price, and tempts me to make everyday a weekend day.


This is my 4th time time ordering from Mokha Bunn and the quality of the products and service are the best that I've even experienced in Canada. The Mokha AA+ is our go-to every morning. It's not as fruity as Ismaeli or Haimi but it's what opens my eyes. Thanks Mokha Bunn for brining this coffee to Canada

Tristan Houben

Extraordinary coffee along with awesome customer service! Really happy with the purchase. Hope to try other varieties very soon.

Sabbir Ahmed

Excellent way to sample Yemeni coffee. I'm used to drinking canned Turkish coffee and it will be difficult to go back to it after trying the coffees in this sampler pack. Shipping was lightning quick as well! It travelled from Ontario to Nova Scotia in two days.


Possibly the best coffee I have ever tasted. Bold, smokey, earthy, complex, layered. I shared it with friends who said it spoiled them for all other coffee.

Wayne Johnston

I received my package 3 hours after placing the order! It beats Amazon by a great margin.
I grind 30 gram to brew two cups of pour over at 42 clicks. It only takes 35-40 seconds.
The grind is very consistent comparing my cheap electric burr grinder.

Mathieu Pelletti

Very good coffee with good aromas. The delivery was quick and the packaging neat.

Shing Fu Pang

I received my package 10 hours after placing the order. This is by far the quickest I have ever experienced. Great product and well packaged. Thank you!


I look forward to starting my mornings with this coffee! The notes are exactly as described and the quality of coffee is outstanding and refreshing.

Miqdad Khalfan

Great quality for value. Very rich and it tastes like chocolate with milk. Love it

Francisca Juárez

Amazing coffee no doubt but quite expensive. So 4 stars for me

Richard J

Absolutely love this coffee

Rowena Carey
  • – New production line; Origins
  • We have been working on this project for months, roasting and cupping more than 100 samples from around the world until we have finally found the best coffees that can merge very well with our iconic Yemeni offerings. Truly unique varieties and special processing methods that will blow your mind.
Extraordinary Coffee Gift Box Yemen Specialty Coffee
  • – Extraordinary Coffee Gift Box | Yemen Specialty Coffee

    This is our Ultimate Coffee Bundle for you to live a truly incredible experience of the finest Yemeni specialty coffee. Six different coffees, different roasts and from different regions in Yemen. It’s the shortest trip to take if you want to to understand and experiment the complexity of Yemeni coffee. Get it for yourself and your loved ones. Give coffee, give love. This Extraordinary Coffee Gift Box includes: The legendary specialty coffees Gurmah, Hamasi, Mokha Sana’ani, Ismaeli, Mokha AA+, and our first ever holiday seasonal blend Mokha Blend (250gr each) Total wight: 1500gr/ 3.3lb

Mokha AA+ | Yemen Specialty Coffee
  • -Mokha AA+ | Yemen Specialty Coffee

    The Mokha AA+ is a direct and fair trade Yemeni specialty coffee. It’s the original “Mokha Coffee” that was introduced first to the world 500 years ago. Tasting notes: An aromatic and sweet coffee. Notes of honey, dark chocolate, nougat, dates, caramel, and hints of citrus fruits. Low acidity and strong mouthfeel.

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