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This is a special nano-lot (only 43kg), ethically sourced and processed, organic Yemeni specialty coffee.

Tasting notesFruity and sweet coffee. Notes of caramel, raspberry, chocolate, pear, clove and orange blossom. Juicy acidity with a smooth and pleasant finish.

Available in three roasting levels:
Light/ Filter roast: Fruitier, bright acidity with light body. Recommended for Pour over, Ibrik, and Immersion brewers.

Medium roast: Sweet, balanced-low fruity acidity with medium body. Recommended for Espresso, Pour over, Ibrik, and Immersion brewers.
Dark/ Special espresso roast: More Sweet, no acidity, bold , might be a little smokey with heavy body. Recommended for Espresso, and Immersion brewers.

If you don’t have a grinder, don’t worry! We can grind it for the exact brewing method you use before sending it out. Please select your preference before adding it to the cart.

The traceability, sensory and sustainability report is available below. 

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Traceability, Sensory and Sustainability Report
Direct and fair trade
Producer: Hisham AlKawlani
Harvest: Hand-picked (only ripe cherries). FEB 2021
Irrigation system: Dripping or rain.
Region: Ala'arosh, Khawlan, Yemen
Elevation: 1,980-2,050 meter above sea level
Climate: Dry. Rain 370mm annually
Species: Ancient Typica / Mokha
Varietal: Udaini
Process: Natural - Sun-dried on raised beds
Beans size: AA+
Khawlani yemen specialty coffee mokha bunn canada
Gurmah Yemen Specialty Coffee Canada Mokha Bunn

Tasting notes:
Fruity and sweet coffee. Notes of caramel, raspberry, chocolate, pear, clove and orange blossom. Juicy acidity with a smooth and pleasant finish.

As time passes, more notes will appear and others will vanish.

These notes were preserved by our team during our cupping sessions using an evaluation roasting profile. Based on what roasting level you’ll be brewing, you can expect to have more notes in the cup.

Because we believe in sustainability, our coffee is carefully packed in a 100% recyclable bag with one-way valve and a ziplock to keep it fresh for as long as possible.
Roasting & Freshness
Our coffee is freshly roasted to order in small batches. Please consider some time to rest the coffee (Degas) before brewing it to enjoy the best experience.
Brewing Tips
This coffee is very dense. We highly recommend to brew it using cooler water than you usually use with other origines and/or grind it finer.

About the farmer:
The hero behind this coffee is called Hisham AlKhawlani. He is a passionate 27 years old young coffee producer who lives and breathes coffee. Hisham lives with his family in a smallholder coffee farm located at Ala’arosh village, in the mountains of Khawlan, Yemen. As the fourth generation in his family to work with coffee, he is always ambitious and eager to learn better harvesting and processing practices and annually improve his crops.

He once told us that his goal was to produce the best crop in the region. That’s why he has been focusing on Specialty Coffee and modern processing methods, unlike other farmers in Khawlan! We think he had nailed it with his lot.

It was our first time to cup his coffee and we were blown-away by one of his Nano-lots ( he calls it Al Nini -it means baby in his local dialect-). We didn’t think twice and immediately purchased the entire lot. This is our first ever crop from Khawlan region, but because of the high quality of this coffee, his passion and different mind-set, we have committed to work with him and purchase the entire harvest for the next 3 years to help him to experimente different processing and fermentation method. We were really lucky to find him and be able to roast this coffee.

Do you know the difference between a Micro-lot and a Nano-lot?

  • Micro-Lot: Is coffee that was sourced from a smallholder -single- farm or a plot of land with a single variety in a multi-varieties farm. The harvest yields up to 40-45 bags of 60Kg and usually scores 86 to 89 SCA points.
  • Nano-Lot: Is pretty much similar to Micro-Lot but with smaller quantities. The harvest yields around or less than 3 bags of 32Kg of green beans and usually scores +90 SCA points.

In general, Yemeni coffees are best consumed after 12-18 days from the roasting date and up to 12-16 weeks because of the degassing process. Notes will vary depending on the conserving way and time, but always a delicious cup of coffee.

  1. Alric (verified owner)

    I ordered this as a gift for my friend who loves coffee. He loved it and would definitely get more!

  2. Jordan Brock (verified owner)

    Bought some for myself — dark roast, whole bean for espresso — and I am MORE than impressed. Started the hand pulled espresso hobby about 6mos ago and felt confident enough to try with better beans. Gotta say I’m super excited for other things from Yemen and Mokah Bunn! Just … WOW! For reference, I’m not a coffee drinker but I like the occasional espresso when traveling and if I was given this earlier I would have been addicted. Check out their tips on brewing b/c they help.

  3. Jean DeBernardi (verified owner)

    The second coffee I’ve tried from Mokha Bunn. It had a rich flavour that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will definitely be ordering this again.

  4. Wayne Johnston (verified owner)

    This was a bit more of an acquired taste for me. Very complex, sweeter and more acidic than I am accustomed to. But I have grown to love it. Clove and orange blossom, yes.

  5. Maverick Bartlett (verified owner)

    Listen, I have had all of the best rated coffee from around the world ( etc) and let me tell you. Mohka Bunn is the best I have ever had. So smooth and fruity with a lingering aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. And it makes you feel incredible. Highly recommend. Ps I have also shared this coffee with friends and family, the response is always the same. “This is the best coffee I have ever had”

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