Ismaeli Anaerobic | Yemen Specialty Coffee

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This is a special process, ethically sourced and processed Yemeni specialty coffee micro-lot.

Tasting notes: Fruity and complex. Notes of cherry, toffee, dates, grapes, orange blossom, strawberry and clove. Lactic acidity with clean and silky body.

Available in two roasting levels:
Light/ Filter roast: Fruitier, bright acidity with light body. Recommended for Pour over, Ibrik, and Immersion brewers.

Medium roast: Sweet, balanced-low fruity acidity with medium body. Recommended for Espresso, Pour over, Ibrik, and Immersion brewers.

If you don’t have a grinder, don’t worry! We can grind it for the exact brewing method you use before sending it out. Please select your preference before adding it to the cart.

The traceability, sensory and sustainability report is available below. 

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Traceability, Sensory and Sustainability Report
Direct and fair trade
Producer: Tayb Qaid
Harvest: Handpicked (only ripe cherries). Apr 2021
Irrigation system: Dripping or rain
Region: Bani Ismail, Sana'a, Yemen
Elevation: 1,900 - 2,300 meter above sea level
Climate: Dry. Rain 510mm per year
Species: Ancient Typica / Mokha
Varietal: Ja’adi
Process: Anaerobic Natural (50 Hours)
Beans size: AA+
Ismaeli Anaerobic Yemen Specialty Coffee Canada Mokha Bunn
Ismaeli Anaerobic Yemen Specialty Coffee Canada Mokha Bunn

Tasting notes:
Fruity and complex. Notes of cherry, toffee, dates, grapes, orange blossom, strawberry and clove. Lactic acidity with clean and silky body.

As time passes, more notes will appear and others will vanish.

These notes were preserved by our team during our cupping sessions using an evaluation roasting profile. Based on what roasting level you’ll be brewing, you can expect to have more notes in the cup.

Because we believe in sustainability, our coffee is carefully packed in a 100% recyclable bag with one-way valve and a ziplock to keep it fresh for as long as possible.
Roasting & Freshness
Our coffee is freshly roasted to order in small batches. Please consider some time to rest the coffee (Degas) before brewing it to enjoy the best experience.
Brewing Tips
This coffee is very dense. We highly recommend to brew it using cooler water than you usually use with other origines and/or grind it finer.

About the farmer:
This coffee is the first anaerobic natural process that comes out of Bani Ismail region in the governorate of Sana’a, Yemen. It’s uncommon to get a different process rather than the traditional natural process –sun dried- in Yemen and specially in Bani Ismail. We have teamed up with our friend Tayb Qaid who was so excited to experiment modern coffee processes for the first time in the region. We have been working closely with him, supervising and evaluating the process during 3 seasons, and after many trials in small batches (some were good and other not that good), we have proudly reached to a great result and decided to produce more of it and share this amazing lot with our friends. 

About the anaerobic natural process:
The anaerobic natural process is done by fermenting the whole coffee fruit (cherries) in artisanal fermentation tanksafter the oxygen is removed when the coffee is added at the beginning of the process. There are valves on the tanks that keep them free from oxygen seeping in during the process while also allowing CO2 to be released as it builds up during fermentation. Time and temperate are two main factors to control in this process that can totally change the final results. With this lot, the cherries were fermented for 50 hours before they were dried under the sun on raised beds for 19 days. As a result, this coffee is very sweet, fruity and clean with nice lactic acidity and silky body.

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250Gr/ 8.8Oz

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Whole Beans, Ground For Ibrik/Cezve/Jazwa, Ground for Moka Pot, Ground For Espresso, Ground For Filter/ Pour Over, Ground For Reusable Pods, Ground For French Press, Ground For Cold Brew

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Light roast, Medium roast

  1. Aws Tarqi (verified owner)

    I’ve been brewing this coffee for a couple of weeks now. I wasn’t surprised by the taste in the first 2 weeks of the roast when it was fresh, but I’ve completely changed my opinion as it had aged. It’s very smooth and fruity with just the exact amount of acidity that I like in my coffee. I’ll order more now!

  2. Jennifer B (verified owner)

    The best Yemeni coffee I’ve ever had so far. Highly recommended

  3. Rowena Carey (verified owner)

    Love the flavour of this Ismaeli and so I have bought some more of Mokha Bunn coffee beans to try! I look forward to having my coffee each day and would buy this one again!

  4. Martin T (verified owner)

    Amazing coffee. It has the best aroma I’ve ever experienced in specialty coffee. I’ve tried it black and with almond milk and it was so good!

  5. Lama Mazen (verified owner)

    High quality coffee.

  6. Tristan Houben (verified owner)

    Great coffee. I loved it so much as pour over and cezve. 100% recommended

  7. Ahmad Khatib (verified owner)

    This is a great, well-balanced coffee, it has some really nice acidity that pairs well with the smooth chocolate finish. When brewed on a lighter ratio closer to 60g/Liter, it brings out that typical Yemeni flavor profile of nuts/chocolate and deep fruit and dates. It reminds me a little of Matari. I got the best results when brewing with a V60, on a slightly finer grind so that there are some patches of fines on the filter walls but a uniform sandy bed.

  8. Karla Zibell (verified owner)

    Loved it, the flavor is smooth. The aroma is wonderful. Even great with vegan creamers.

  9. Elaine Wu (verified owner)

    Mokha Bunn has a great coffee selection from Yemen. Ismaeli is hard to find in my neighborhood. I am grateful to find it, and I am even more grateful that Mokha Bunn offers different roasting levels, especially light roast. Moreover, the customer service is amazing. We chatted online until almost midnight. Look forward to doing business with them again.

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