Chemex 3 – Cups Paper Filters


Patented CHEMEX® Bonded Filters scientifically designed, guarantees that your pour over brewing process will deliver the perfect cup of coffee, without any sediments or bitter elements.

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The Chemex® coffeemaker is an elegant, one-piece, hourglass-shaped vessel made of high quality, heat resistant glass.  The traditional model comes to you with a polished wood collar and leather tie. The collar serves as an insulated handle around the middle of the coffeemaker. ideally to be always used with Chemex 3 – Cups Paper Filters

  • The cone shape ensures uniform extraction for a pure coffee flavor
  • Thicker specialty fiber filter design (20-30% more than the competition) keeps bitter elements, oils, and soils in place (and out of your cup)
  • Pre-doubled for convenience
  • Fits most cone-shaped filter coffee machines
  • Removes impurities, acidity, unhealthy and bitter elements from coffee. In your coffee cup, you will find only the caffeine and the desirable aromatic oils of the coffee beans
  • It works well with all types of roasts, even tea! Allowing you to make the perfect, purest cup every time
  • The CHEMEX® coffee brewing system is the preferred method of roasters and baristas worldwide 
  • Manufactured in the U.S. using only U.S. materials Harvested responsibly and in accordance with SFI, FSC, and PEFC sustainability programs. Chemex 3 Cups Paper Filters
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Easy to clean. No trays, no baskets, just remove the filter and discard
Weight 373 g
Dimensions 22 × 33 × 2.5 cm

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