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This is my 4th time time ordering from Mokha Bunn and the quality of the products and service are the best that I've even experienced in Canada. The Mokha AA+ is our go-to every morning. It's not as fruity as Ismaeli or Haimi but it's what opens my eyes. Thanks Mokha Bunn for brining this coffee to Canada

Tristan Houben

I received my package 3 hours after placing the order! It beats Amazon by a great margin.
I grind 30 gram to brew two cups of pour over at 42 clicks. It only takes 35-40 seconds.
The grind is very consistent comparing my cheap electric burr grinder.

Mathieu Pelletti

Very good coffee with good aromas. The delivery was quick and the packaging neat.

Shing Fu Pang

I received my package 10 hours after placing the order. This is by far the quickest I have ever experienced. Great product and well packaged. Thank you!


I look forward to starting my mornings with this coffee! The notes are exactly as described and the quality of coffee is outstanding and refreshing.

Miqdad Khalfan

Great quality for value. Very rich and it tastes like chocolate with milk. Love it

Francisca Juárez

Amazing coffee no doubt but quite expensive. So 4 stars for me

Richard J

Absolutely love this coffee

Rowena Carey

Very fruity and sweet. I liked it more on pour over and espresso but not so much in my MokKa Pot, it’s amazing coffee though . Can’t recommend it enough for pour over, french press and espresso

Jennifer B

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