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Mokha Bunn Port Of Mokha

Al-Mokha” is a small port city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. From the 15th century until the early 18th century, it was the only marketplace to export coffee worldwide.


“Bunn” in Arabic means the coffee cherry, coffee beans, or ground coffee. It was the first name by which coffee was known in the Arab culture for more than 800 years.

We import, roast and distribute the finest Yemeni Specialty Coffee.
Mokha Bunn is the first company to establish a direct line between Yemeni coffee producers and South American consumers, thus guaranteeing direct and fair trade practices with producers. After our coffee scored first place in the Brewers Cup Championship in Chile in 2019, we decided to share our finest specialty coffee selection and expand to North America. We chose to come to Canada to be the first Yemeni roastery that works from farm to cup and gives Canadians easy access to unique coffees. We only import exceptional, fully traceable, naturally processed, and organic micro-lot coffees, then roast them ourselves in Canada to ensure the best quality.
We supervise the entire process.

From farm to cup, we take care of every detail in the process. Due to the ancient varieties, the unique geographical conditions in Yemen, the dry climate, the elevation where coffee is grown, and the current situation, all of our coffees require special and professional treatment to deliver the farm’s quality. In Yemen, we supervise the harvest, control the drying process, hulling, hand sorting, packing, and exportation procedures. Once in Canada, we start profiling and roasting to get the most from our coffees.

Mokha Bunn is combining the tradition of Yemeni coffee culture with the innovation of specialty coffee.

As a result, Mokha Bunn's coffees are second to none! Aromatic, complex, sweet, chocolatey, spicy, with an explosion of fruity notes, balanced acidity and full body.
Mokha Bunn Yemen Specialty coffee
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