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Mokha Bunn Port Of Mokha

Al-Mokha” is a small port city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. From the 15th century until the early 18th century, it was the only marketplace to export coffee worldwide.


“Bunn” in Arabic means the coffee cherry, coffee beans, or ground coffee. It was the first name by which coffee was known in the Arab culture for more than 800 years.

- The Company -

Mokha Bunn is the first Canadian company/roastery specialized in high grade Yemen specialty coffee that works from farm to cup and establishes a direct and transparent line between Yemeni coffee producers and North American consumers while guaranteeing  sustainable and fair trade practices throughout the process.

After our coffee scored first place in the Brewers Cup Championship in Chile in 2019, we decided to share our finest specialty coffee selection and give the world easy access to unique coffees. We ethically source sustainable, exceptional, fully traceable, naturally processed, and organic micro-lots Yemeni coffee, then roast them ourselves in Canada to ensure the best quality.

We don’t negotiate the price but we always negotiate the quality, and therefore placing a great deal of importance on the farmers’ efforts by rewarding them fairly for crops that meet our high-quality standards is crucial. Furthermore, we regularly upgrad the payroll to encourage farmers to improve the quality, which explains why our coffees evolve throughout the seasons.

- Our Story -

Mokha Bunn, founded by Mustafa, a proud Yemeni with great admiration for his country and a deep love for the lasting aroma of roasting coffee. In the last few years, as the political conflict had arisen in Yemen, it drew attention to the country but in a negative light. Mustafa yearned to bring back positivity and as he contemplated happier times, he recalled how the one thing that brought both tourists and natives together, and provided a sense of contentment, and enjoyment of Yemeni history, was coffee! This was a turning point in his life and what sparked his journey to create the Mokha Bunn brand.

And Jihad, a Yemeni Canadian woman living in Canada and an avid coffee drinker had difficulty finding genuine Yemeni coffees in Canada. Much to her surprise, she learned that many others in Canada were looking for a better quality Yemeni coffee as well. Jihad had searched for Yemeni coffees but never found a true version, only ones that slightly resembled what she had grown up to love. As she researched further, with an interest in sharing this delightful brew with friends and loved ones, Jihad discovered a company that was focusing on selling the real deal! That company was Mokha Bunn in Chile.

After many meetings, and the realization that they had the same goal of sharing the finest Yemeni coffee with the world, bring back the legacy of Yemeni coffee and reflect a better picture of the country, Jihad and Mustafa became partners and today share their passion for everything relating to coffee from green sourcing, roasting, cupping, packaging, and delivering so that individuals everywhere can enjoy it too! Read more..

We supervise the entire process.

From farm to cup, we take care of every detail in the process. Due to the ancient varieties, the unique geographical conditions in Yemen, the dry climate, the elevation where coffee is grown, and the current political situation, Yemen coffee requires a special and professional treatment to deliver the farm’s quality. In Yemen, we supervise the harvest, control the drying process, hulling, hand sorting, packing, and exportation procedures. Once in Canada, we start profiling and roasting to get the the best cup profiles of each lot.

Basically, Mokha Bunn combines the tradition of Yemeni coffee culture with the innovation of specialty coffee.

As a result, we serve the world with the most magnificent aromas and a vast array of flavors with complex, sweet, chocolatey, spicy, and fruity notes that are smooth and pleasant. That's why our coffee is truly second to none. We offer an ancient tradition that provides a remarkable experience for every coffee enthusiast who chooses to enjoy a cup of Mokha Bunn.

This was my first time buying coffee from Mokha Bunn and I am not disappointed. I’ve never had a coffee with blueberry notes before, but this coffee has blueberry notes mixed with chocolate. The flavor is just as rich as the smell. Even though it has fruity notes, it isn’t overly acidic at all.

J Weller

This is one of my favorite Yemeni coffees. This was my first time trying Haimi and the aroma was pure chocolate-covered blueberries on the nose. The cup was smooth, incredibly rich, and sweet with low acidity and a medium finish.

Ahmad Khatib

Amazing coffee no doubt but quite expensive. So 4 stars for me

Richard J

I look forward to starting my mornings with this coffee! The notes are exactly as described and the quality of coffee is outstanding and refreshing.

Miqdad Khalfan

Very good coffee with good aromas. The delivery was quick and the packaging neat.

Shing Fu Pang

I received my package 3 hours after placing the order! It beats Amazon by a great margin.
I grind 30 gram to brew two cups of pour over at 42 clicks. It only takes 35-40 seconds.
The grind is very consistent comparing my cheap electric burr grinder.

Mathieu Pelletti

This is my 4th time time ordering from Mokha Bunn and the quality of the products and service are the best that I've even experienced in Canada. The Mokha AA+ is our go-to every morning. It's not as fruity as Ismaeli or Haimi but it's what opens my eyes. Thanks Mokha Bunn for brining this coffee to Canada

Tristan Houben

I received my package 10 hours after placing the order. This is by far the quickest I have ever experienced. Great product and well packaged. Thank you!


Absolutely love this coffee

Rowena Carey

Great quality for value. Very rich and it tastes like chocolate with milk. Love it

Francisca Juárez

Very fruity and sweet. I liked it more on pour over and espresso but not so much in my MokKa Pot, it’s amazing coffee though . Can’t recommend it enough for pour over, french press and espresso

Jennifer B
Mokha Bunn Yemen Specialty coffee
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